To Knit, or Not to Knit, That is the Question...

So I've been sat here for about an hour trying to write a blog post for you all... but no writing has been happening. Why? Well, my dear friends, it is because of two reasons:


1. Benedict Cumberbatch made a surprise appearance on the TV so that was necessary viewing of course.


2. Ravelry's pattern search.


I doubt that there are many knitters on the planet who don't get distracted by (Benedict Cumberbatch, and) Ravelry's enormous library of beautiful patterns. I, unfortunately, get pulled in very easy and I can spend an hour or two sifting through patterns and adding them to my queue (which is now the length of the wall of China!), even though I know I'll never get round to making them because I'm too busy looking at patterns instead of actually knitting.


Today,I have been lured into the trap that is sock patterns. Like every superhero, knitters (& crocheters of course!) have a weakness. Mine just happens to be socks.


It probably doesn't help that I am apart of Sock Knitter's Anonymous, where I am bombarded with beautiful knits. Honestly, the talent in that group is amazing. Everyday I pop in there to see what people are being making, and my queue just grows, and grows because there are just too many things I want to make!

As some of you may be aware, every month SKA have knitting challenges! Where you must start & finish a pair of socks (or more!) during the month that knit up to the specifications they give you. For example, this month you must knit something that is either to do with Flora/Fauna, or Sci-Fi! They also do a mystery Knit-a-long (also known as a Mock) every couple of months, which is great fun.


So, this month the Mock is to do with Flora & Fauna. I headed on over to the thread to see how it was knitting up, and I instantly loved the pattern.

click to enlarge
click to enlarge

I'm now having an internal battle with myself because on one hand, I have several pairs of socks on the needles already, but on the other hand, I have a week an a half left of the month, and that is plenty of time to finish Leaf on the Wind and the May 2014 Mock...


How do you decide when it comes to casting on new projects? Do you wait until your current WIP is finished, or are you happy to put it aside and cast on something new and shiny? I dabble between both methods, it just depends on how interesting my WIPs are!

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