Knitting Hats in the 1920s

I recently got my hair cut, about 12 inches to be precise, and I have found that with my new 'do', I suit hats! Yay! For years I've made all these hats that I wanted, but could not wear, and now I can keep them all for myself - mwuahaha!


Ahem. That took a dark turn rather quickly, didn't it? Anyway, back to hats. So now I can adorn my small head with hand-knits, I was overwhelmed with the choice on Ravelry. I could not decide what to make. It then occured to me that there might be something in my Ravelry queue that a 'past me' wanted to make.


It was then I laid my eyes on my favourite hat pattern of all time - Regina by Carina Spencer. This 1920s style Cloche was right up my alley. 


I dove straight into my stash, and found two skeins of Stylecraft Special DK in Magenta & Camel. I was dubious at first of pairing them together, but decided to take the risk.

Knitting the hat inside out.
Knitting the hat inside out.

The construction of this cloche was incredibly interesting, I learnt so much from making it. It does sound complicated, but I assure you, it is easy when you are actually knitting it. 


First of all, you don't need to do a gauge swatch. Amazing, right?! You begin the pattern by knitting an i-cord, then picking up sts in a certain way so your i-cord becomes a loop. Using that loop, you knit the band of the cloche. You do this by simply working a thin, length of rib. Once you have done this, you increase in a certain manner so as to create a fan.


After casting off, it is time to change to the main colour. Pick up the stitches so that you are knitting the hat inside out (this saves you having to purl constantly, making the pattern that much faster). After you have finished knitting the hat, turn it rightside out and sew the fan onto the hat (this was the trickiest bit, in my opinion).


Then - ta dah! You have yourself a wonderful 1920s cloche. I can't tell you how much I loved making this, and wearing it. I love it so much that I knitted a newborn baby version of the hat, which I will show you after Mimi's Blogging Week has come to an end.

My version of the Regina. The Camel yarn didn't photograph as well as I hoped, it comes out as a Mustard colour in these pictures.
My version of the Regina. The Camel yarn didn't photograph as well as I hoped, it comes out as a Mustard colour in these pictures.

I would love to make a few more of these in different colours... I'm hoping that this winter I will have plenty of hats for myself. Perhaps even a few cotton berets for the summer! Oh goodness, now I want to knit a hat. I'll see you guys tomorrow, for now why don't you head on over to Tami's place and check out more FO Friday posts? 

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